06 juin 2010

I want the sun to shine!

I want the sun to shinebecause it's just a state of mindI want the sun to shinebecause he's a friend of mineI want the sun to shinecause when you'll come I want a summertimeI missed my train againnow call me miss traincause i'm obviously not miss braini'ts a cloudy day againmy head is full of raincause it' stormy weather since my man and I ain't togetherI always miss my trainsbut not as much as I miss youand I'm waiting for the next trainWaiting for it as I wait for youand my head fills itself of rainwhen it will be fullI don't want... [Lire la suite]
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24 août 2009

belly bleeds

Mommy Mommy whymy belly bleeds all the time?Mommy mommy amI hurt inside?Am I gonna die?Mommy Mommy whymy belly bleeds?Where come all this blood fromMommy Mommy amI hurt inside?Will I have some scars?Mommy Mommy whymy belly crieswhen I'm happy?Mommy Mommy whymy belly crieswhen I'm with him?Mommy Mommy whymust we live?Why I'm wondering?Sweetie you're asking too much questions,it'll make you cry.Let your belly bleeddon't let it cry,and let's sing another song... bonne nuit les petits...
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23 juillet 2009

we are going to nowhere

texte pour Satan Inclet me tell the story of a guywho cries his eyes out and didn't know whyi met him in the ring S-Bahn, has no terminus no break-timehe figured out how life goes onwe are going to nowhereso let's just have fun on the road x4sometimes we think we're stuck undergroundit's better to discover the best bandslisten music all travel long don't be patient please look aroundthis train looks like Disney's space mountainwe are going to nowhereso let's just have fun on the road x4he told me life's virtually not aimedof course... [Lire la suite]
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07 décembre 2008

there is

there is my sunny townthere is your sick bellythere is the time that goes onthere are too much short nightsbutthere are your lips on my skinthere are your hands on my hipsthere are the words between usthere is my belly that you likebutthere is your unbearable painthere are the unbereable goodbyesthere are trains I can't missthere is the unbereable waitingbutthere is our wonderful friendshipthere are the laughes we sharethe time we spend chattingour minds completely connectedbutthere is this other girl than methere is that other guy... [Lire la suite]
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07 décembre 2008

nice for you

I'm happy for you I'm sadI can't see what you're feeling nowI'm happy for you I'm sadPlease just don't careI'm moaning I'm acting madClose your eyes on this stupid thing nowI'm sorry you've inspired meSuch a sad songIt's called sadcoreYou've got to me the taste of ChokeboreWe wasn't made to love each other babySo why did we tryMaybe it's just our last playtimeI'm green I'm blue just like some eyesI'm jealous I'm sadDon't want you to see me like that(so I'm lying)I'm happy for you I'm gladMaybe you found a new love nowBut I hate him... [Lire la suite]
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23 mai 2008


oulah, ça c'est deux vieux textes - écrits en pensant au maroufleur à l'époque (spéciale cassedédi: te fais pas de bile, c'était avant que tu sois au courant) - que j'ai réécrits ensemble et mis en musique... ça fait très ballade chiante/fleur bleue mais j'l'aime bien quand même...quand je pense que je m'étais juré de ne jamais écrire sur l'amour... l'embryon je me dis qu'il faut que je me retienne que les plaies de mon âgene sont plus les genoux écorchésqu'il faut que je sois sageque les blessures sont intérieuresque les blessures... [Lire la suite]
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23 mai 2008

from nine to twelve

from nine to twelve hoo hoo there must be a trainfrom nine to twelvewhen i wake upi take itand keep dreaming there must be a placefrom nine twelvewhere my body doesn't hurtno headache nor just ache chorus x 2:don't know what happensfrom nine to twelvei take the train ) bis hoo hoo the must be a thingfrom nine to twelvethat make people happyand fucking simple there must be a trainfrom nine to twelvei can't explain otherwisewhy i totallyforget these hours x2:cause i don't know what happenedfrom nine to twelvei took the... [Lire la suite]
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28 avril 2008

fuck a duck

(ou comment s'approprier une sentence de djeuns cons) fuck a duck.mp3if you wanna touch the skyfuck a duck and try to flyfrenchie little girli didn't have many friendswhen i was at schooli didn't know what's cooldrawing on tableduring english coursesfrom this i rememberone of these sentencesif you wanna touch the skyfuck a duck and try to flyit's a sunny piece of memoriessince then i read it everywherethis kind of friendship of dummiesif you're young, we are brothersmaybe our english is badand our laughings are stupidbut even when... [Lire la suite]
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17 décembre 2007

lil' blue mountain

EDIT: lil' blue mountain.mp3 litt'l blue mountainwhere does it hurt? wind passing through my nostrilsi can't breathbirds and leavesflying as wellwhere does it hurt?i can't tell, it's in my head
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15 décembre 2007

of course

EDIT: of course.mp3 this skirt doesn't fit you girlyou act like a boy,walking like a raped doll"oh please don't play with me"seem to say your big eyeswhile you're blushing of all your skinif you wonderof course it's lovei don't want you just once in my beddo i intimidate you?don't do a move anymorewhile i'm standing behind you
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